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Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, you likely have tested out Walking Dead: Road to Survival. It is one of the most exciting android and iOS games out there because of the fan frenzy around the television show. Who hasn’t followed Rick, Michonne, Glen, Maggie and of course, Darryl on their harrowing post-zombie apocalyptic lives? Now you can take on a new character within the Road to Survival game and see how well you do against the undead. If you already did and are here for the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats visit this site and all your dreams come true.

You can put yourself in their shoes now with the Road to Survival game. Many people however are wondering how to really survive through it. Zombies are coming after you, after all! Though this is an app, don’t discount it as an “easy” game. It was built with a definite strategy involved and for those who don’t know that strategy, they likely are going to get killed pretty early on in the game. For those who do though, it may be the perfect pastime!

For all those who like to go the easy way instead of doing all the hard work. There is a tool called Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats. This will give you everything you need and even more than that.


First of all, you need to know that within Road to Survival there are different missions. You’ll go on missions with either raid energy or with world energy. Here are the details on these:

  • Raids. When you’re in a raid against other players, you will need the proper raid energy. This is how you will move up in rank as you fight.
  • World. World energy is needed when you are in single-player mode and want to just practice your own skills as a loner.
  • Roadmap. These are timed missions that can bring you special items and various bonuses you can’t reach in other parts of the game.

Secondly, when you are getting ready for battle, know what weapons your character works best with. Be sure you pay attention to the characteristics of each character and then match it up to the same weapon. For example, if you have a particularly tough fighter, give them a particularly tough weapon. This makes the most of their skills and helps you stay alive longer. These tips are just an additional help to the massive extras the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats is providing.

Thirdly, you need to know how to fight. In this game, fighting isn’t just haphazard flailing of weapons or shooting. Rather, you have to do some pre-study of the area. Luckily though, the game gives you the information you need before you start. For example, always look for the zombie’s characteristics. Prior to engaging in battle, pay attention to those characteristics. This way you can pick the character appropriate to fight them, thus giving yourself an advantage.

When you do fight, be sure to kill the zombies closest to your party. As you near a zombie, don’t rush them directly; rather, use strategy to get close enough for a tap. If you forget the special ability of your characters, click on the icon and hold it. If you see zombies hiding behind barricades, you need to have plenty of range weapons to clear them. The needed resources will be obtained by using the online Walking Dead Road to Survival hack.

Finally, be sure to always upgrade your base. Work on City Hall first to fortify it and increase its level. As you do this, it will give you more buildings, farms and general land to grow with. You also can use this land to help “train” your virtual people so they are even more ready for battle when they come upon it.